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I tend to refer to myself as an 'Agile Consultant', because although Scrum Mastery has been an important part of my Agile journey, I also enjoy adopting other roles and accountabilities.  I'm also framework agnostic.  I have, on occasion, influenced teams to navigate away from Scrum, where it was the source of dysfunction.

I chose to set up  this consultancy for a number of reasons.  The primary    driver was for autonomy regarding continuous personal development.  Another is because I believe the independence enhances the ability for me and my fellow consultants/associates to be more disruptive to those organisations that need it!  A third reason, if you're interested, is because I think the typical Annual individual performance review system is archaic.

My wife and I met in the military, but opted to leave so we could start a family;
settling in Gloucester (UK), where we're raising our 3 strong & fiercely independent girls.

I've started to become more active on LinkedIn, particularly creating content on Kanban and Flow management.  If you've read this far, then maybe we should connect?

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"The pursuit of Mastery drives me.  I'm not sure whether I'll ever actually get there... but I'm enjoying the journey, and helping others to understand and work towards their goals"

A bit about me

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