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smagile consultancy

Short or long term Product Consultancy 


We will provide skilled product professionals to augment your business, and establish outcome based engagements.

We offer certified and, more importantly, experienced product professionals; adept at joining and mobilising teams (not limited to Scrum), promoting a culture of psychological safety, continuous learning & improvement, and a focus on delivering customer value.


Outcome-Focused Case Study:

Within a 6 month engagement with a client (The Standard Club), our contributions led to an 80% improvement for the time complete to OKR aligned outputs.  Operating as both Product Owner and Scrum Master initially, the consultant established an internal community of practice to promote shared learning and encourage organisational change initiatives.  

The methodical approach prioritising and communicating change, and approach at the outset to avoid becoming a dependency for the org, meant that accountabilities were transitioned to internal reps.  

The thing we're most proud of on this engagement is that the practices introduced are still being used and adapted a year after the engagement concluded.

Let's explore how we can help you, too

Thanks for reaching out.  We'll be in touch!

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