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I enjoy the versatility that comes with contracting.  It allows me to maintain a healthy balance between consulting engagements and delivering training.

The pivotal moment that prompted me to take on the risk was when I was unable to obtain approval for a business analysis training course because I didn't seek to become a BA.  

This provided an opportunity for me to truly take charge of my own personal development.

Company Evolution

Becoming affiliated as a guide for the Agile Mastery Institute's Scrum and Product Mastery Pathways was a catalyst for finding ways to offer more than transactional certification courses.  My passion for leveraging the value of Kanban led to me also working to become licensed as a trainer with

Fold in the additional partnerships made along the way, and this company becomes ideally placed to experiment with offering really valuable & versatile long-term learning and mentorship offerings.

In the future?  
Professional coaching (not limited to Agile coaching).

About Me

I tend to refer to myself as an 'Agile Consultant', because although Scrum Mastery has been an important part of my journey in Product, I enjoy serving teams and organisations in various adopting other roles and accountabilities.

My wife and I met in the military, but opted to leave so we could start a family;
settling in Gloucester (UK), where we're raising our 3 strong & fiercely independent girls.

I've started to become more active on LinkedIn, particularly creating content on Kanban and Flow management.  If you've read this far, then maybe we should connect?

Smagile Brand Colour

"The pursuit of Mastery drives me.  I'm not sure whether I'll ever actually get there... but I'm enjoying the journey, and helping others to understand and work towards their goals"

My 'Why?'


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