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Applying Professional Kanban Course
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The Applying Professional Kanban course is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to deliver value and be more effective. It will offer you an in-depth introduction to improving your team’s effectiveness by applying Kanban flow principles.

Learning Outcomes:
After attending the course, learners will be able to;
   - Explain the basic principles of flow
   - Describe the value of WIP limits
   - Create a visual board to manage your work
   - Capture and interpret key flow metrics and analytics to find improvement opportunities
   - Explain why flow should be focused on value delivery
   - Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system


The focus of this course is on the practical application of the concepts learned, after taking the course, you will have an opportunity to validate that you understand core Kanban topics.  Those who pass the assessment will receive the industry-recognised PK I Certification.

Our Promise:

Attendees of any of our courses can return on future public cohorts of that same course for free, and without limit.

ProKanban Course Dates

  • Is this learning Pathway affiliated with a recognised Scrum body?
    Yes. Our Pathway instructor is licensed to teach this material by the Agile Mastery Institute, who are affiliated with the Agile Licensing Library. All guides and students become recognised by both bodies on completion of each stage of the course, receiving a certificate and digital badge after each stage of the Pathway. These credentials are verified by Sertifier and can be listed on your LinkedIn profile. You will also be listed on both Agile Mastery institute and Agile Licensing Library websites.
  • Dates are not listed for the  Navigator or Adventurer sessions.  When will these be held / how can I be confident that I can attend?
    Dates for parts 2 and 3 will be mutually agreed on day 2 of the pathway, maximising suitability for everyone
  • What if I miss sessions?
    There will be some degree of flexibility. Afterall, who can say with any certainty what they'll be doing in six months' time? The group will make some decisions together, including "when will we schedule our future sessions?", and "how shall we handle missed navigator sessions" (eg. sharing notes or recording remote sessions). All of the days of the Explorer and Adventurer modules require attendance, and at least four Navigator modules too for certification. Other options that could be explored are completing missed content in later smagile-run cohorts, or even merging with another guides course at no extra cost (something we've mutually agreed with other businesses, for extenuating circumstances).
  • What if the Guide (trainer) is not able to make an agreed session?
    This would be a most irregular situation but, let's face it, there is a risk that something unplanned happens. If there is >3days' notice, and the session can be moved to another mutually agreeable slot, then that would be 'Plan A'. 'Plan B' will be that an alternative licensed trainer will stand-in (guides are connected and have agreed this in principle)
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