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APK (Extended Edition) - Individual Booking


6 hrs

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A typical APK course includes 14 hours of instructed time. This extended edition offers nearly twice that, spread over the course of almost 2 months, offering a support and cementing learning over a much longer period of time.

Rather than 2 or 3 consecutive days, there will be one-day each week, over a three week period.

Additionally, following this there will be a (optional) 4th day 1 month after the course ends; offering an ideal opportunity to work through challenges/questions, and successes encountered when applying Kanban.

Scheduled dates for this cohort are listed at the end of this description.

It is also expected that if learners miss their scheduled session, not only will they have the opportunity to watch a recording at their leisure, but they will also have opportunity to join a later cohort's class.

As standard, we offer all delegates the opportunity to return to attend future instances of the same class for free, and without limit.

Learning Outcomes:

After attending the course, learners will be able to;

  • Explain the basic principles of flow

  • Describe the value of WIP limits

  • Create a visual board to manage your work

  • Capture and interpret key flow metrics and analytics to find improvement opportunities

  • Explain why flow should be focused on value delivery

  • Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system

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