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About Us

We are a remote-first Agile Consultancy, offering specialist support to product teams, as well as training and coaching for professionals operating in an Agile environment. 

Our values are deliberately simple:


We're in the business of change, and change is hard.  The most effective change is 'pulled' & not 'pushed', so we must foster an environment  conducive to human neuro diversity and... be patient.

Demonstrating integrity is simply the most reliable way to earn trust and, in turn, respect.  We endeavour to celebrate our failures and will speak up if something doesn't feel right or is beyond our knowledge.



Not only do we need to challenge ourselves for development & growth, but we will always seek to understand the 'why'.  We will challenge the status quo in order to seek a new & better 'normal'... always

Here's a note from our company director,  James Farley;

"'Mastery' is a relentless pursuit that drives me and my service to teams.  It therefore pleases me greatly that we are among the first handful of companies worldwide that are licensed to offer some ground breaking training; learning pathways that are sure to see a new standard set for agile practitioners."

​Find out more about our services below.


Grant Snelling, Accenture Scrum Master (Post Office)

“James was brilliant at creating and fostering a collaborative Agile environment..."

"His calm and friendly personality really empowers the Scrum Masters to "Fail fast and iterate", and the rewards in productivity from the scrum teams shows this, as new methods, processes, and learning are taken on board and adapted.”

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